About Association

The Eurasian Business Association is a non-profit corporate organization that unites entrepreneurs of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

The goal of our activity is to develop and strengthen Eurasian economic integration, coordinate entrepreneurial activity, represent and protect the common property interests of the members of the association.

Our main task is to comprehensively assist the members of the association in sustainable, inclusive economic development, increasing competitiveness and scientific and industrial potential, increasing the volume of investment and innovation activity. The implementation of the set tasks is carried out by expanding the areas of economic cooperation, improving the regulatory environment, developing effective interaction in the B2B and B2G formats, as well as with the EAEU bodies, participating in the development and examination of draft acts of the EAEU bodies and national legislation, assisting in eliminating barriers, restrictions and exemptions in the internal market of the EAEU.

Representatives of our association participate in the work of various advisory committees and working groups under the EAEU bodies, executive and legislative authorities.

Members of our association always have the opportunity to receive qualified assistance and consulting services on issues of coordination of interaction B2B and B2G at all levels, organization and participation in various forums, conferences, round tables and exhibitions on issues of development and functioning of the EAEU. In addition, the circle of interests of the association includes the implementation of joint projects in the field of entrepreneurship in various sectors of economic activity, both at the national and international levels, including promoting goods and services of the EAEU to the markets of third countries.

The EAEU is a young integration association that is in the process of forming its legal base and creating the foundations of unified markets for goods and services, free movement of capital and labor resources. At this stage of development, it is very important to ensure that the interests of the business community of the EAEU member states are taken into account when forming these foundations and legal base of the EAEU, which is what our association is called upon to ensure.

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